by Dalloway

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released July 2, 2015

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Sam Trott



all rights reserved


Dalloway SA, Australia

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Track Name: Bilocation
And he hid behind a mask, not to imprison the intricate portrait
What am I? Holding close to his chest the note she left him.
Who am I? if not to just exist, what is this entire purpose?
Irate jesters. Weighed down by self threats, hatred and loathing of his ego.

Deny shackles, that leave me stranded.

I should have bit my tongue, not spit my words
Then self-reflection wouldn't come this hard.
I don't hate myself, but I should.
Hhow did this even begin to turn into a mirror? That looks upon myself..

I don't hate myself, but I should.

I can't look back on this anymore,
And know I was the sole cause of our hatred.
You want to know to why I'm alive?
He said "Grow a fucking backbone."

Why don't you hate me?
Track Name: Cosa Nostra
For years our lives have become this beautiful waste
Controlling the mindset of disgrace

Bring on the lifeless suffer, the torture.
Bring on the downfall of man
And as the dead rise to haunt us.
We will never roll out red carpets

For the anti-hero
The catalyst of our own very demise

This is hell.

The weight will surely remain
As I'm torn down and ridden with pain

Tear me down and
Bring me back to earth
As I am free
But the weight is on me

Haunted with injustice
How can you live life without questioning all?
Oh the torment

Is there life in myself or is it death?
A construct of idle minds, fragile instincts to end it all
Track Name: The Collapse
There is honour in admitting defeat
Encapsulated in fear, Break the mould

You've caged yourself off from this world
A shell of what you've once been now ignorance
A withered mindset; a top broken thrones,
Unruly leader. the horror.

As our monarchs became the slaves,
Who never wanted to see freedom
This intervention speaks for itself
If I'm right here, where the fuck were you?

Like moth to flame, resist temptation.
It's guiding us to end of the earth
I am disgusted to reflect your name.
A perfect disgrace, the hollow queen.

Welcome to the Family
Wasteland of desolate kings

Enthralled in the perfect portrait
Blind to the darkness

The shelter,
The strain,
The shell of a boneless queen